As an asset management firm, success is usually measured by our strategies’ performance and asset growth, but its true accomplishment is also defined by how we make it happen, and the impact this will have on those around us.


Each of us at Van Berkom is committed to do more in everything we do, and for all with whom we interact.

  • For our employees
  • For our clients
  • In our processes
  • In responsible investment
  • For our community


We have developed our firm by establishing a healthy work environment, where respect, transparency and collaboration are always at the forefront. Our principles of diversity, social equity and inclusion are ubiquitous, which contributes to a congenial work environment, and a true family atmosphere.

Culture: We’ve always championed a predominantly flat organizational structure, which encourages an ownership/entrepreneurial mindset, paired with merit-based advancement in a truly collaborative environment.

Compensation: We firmly believe that a company’s success is the result of everyone’s individual contribution, and as such, we maintain equity ownership among all our partners, with no ownership level above 30%, while our non-investment professionals benefit from our profit-sharing programs.

Development: We have a strong tradition of internal talent development with genuine career support, and we empower our analysts to take ownership of investment ideas and to develop portfolio management skills.

Our values and programs are designed to give all of us the ability to envision an extended and rewarding career, to truly take part in the continuous improvement of our business and thus make decisions in the best interests of our clients.

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From our inception, our management processes have always been at the core of our success. We continue to strongly believe that careful stock-picking, a keen focus on investing in very high-quality companies and a strict discipline on valuation will be key ingredients for success.

We always dig deep, frequently visiting our companies on-site, maintaining a dialogue with the executives, while weighing the data against long-term market trends. This long-time focus has given us a deep and thorough understanding of our specific market.

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Responsible Investment

Aware of our potential influence on small-cap companies, of the importance of environmental, social and governance issues, and our implication as a PRI signatory, we are currently reviewing our ESG policy and putting forward several measures to allow us to achieve our objectives.

First and foremost, we are laboring to formalize and better communicate several significant long considered practices, particularly in terms of governance, which are stakeholders of our management processes. This is highlighted by our long-time membership of the Institute for Governance of Private and Public Organizations (IGOPP).

We are also further integrating environmental and social components, both in our portfolios and our own firm.

We have set a high bar, and we are deploying all the necessary efforts to make it happen.

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Aware of our privileged situation, we firmly believe in our duty to support our community.

Over the years, our contributions have taken many forms. We have:

John Molson School of Business at Concordia University

  • Sustained the next generations of leaders through the Van Berkom Endowed Chair in
    Small-Cap Equities
    at the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University. Thanks to the contribution by Mr. van Berkom, this program has allowed many students to better grasp equity management by managing an actual portfolio, supervised by a seasoned committee, with some of our own professionals as sitting members.
  • Through our employees, participated in various interest groups, notably about corporate governance and the promotion of women in the finance industry.
  • Supported financially, directly or through the generosity of our employees, a few non-profit organizations, notably:

Montreal Children’s Hospital

  • Our support for healthcare, particularly for children from healthy lifestyle promotion to donations to children’s hospitals through the involvement of Mr. van Berkom as investment committee member, as well as his financing of the Nicolas Steinmetz – Dr. Gilles Julien Chair in Social Pediatrics.  For more on our support of the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

Nova Home Care

  • Our commitment to elderly people in the form of in-home care to people who are ill or nearing the end of life and families who support them, through the involvement of our President, Mr. Mathieu Sirois, as board member and donor to Nova Home Care, a non-profit organization.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

  • Mr. van Berkom has always believed that arts and culture should be supported within our communities and made accessible to all. His appointment as Director of the Foundation’s Board of Directors is an example of his commitment to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Other Community Organizations

  • Mr. van Berkom helps in funding the Montreal Bach Festival.
  • Festival des Arts de Saint-Sauveur where Mr. van Berkom helps in funding the Orchestre Métropolitain of Montreal.
  • Mr. van Berkom helps in donating to the Dr. Julien Foundation for Le Garage à musique.

We are proud to have always supported not only our corporate clients, by many other important activities: donations, sponsorships and scholarships for hospitals, arts and culture, education and the financial community.

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